Rules for Renters

Need for Rules

The internal rules are proposed to clarify and define the manner of behaviour expected from residents and visitors of La Trinidad. The owners representatives aim to:-

  1. Protect the local environment.
  2. Reduce accidents.
  3. Improve security.
  4. Develop a harmonious community where residents can enjoy tranquility.
  5. Allowances are made within the rules for children to enjoy themselves in a controlled environment, without causing annoyance to others and danger to themselves.
  6. The internal rules are guidelines which can be modified by the majority and governed by the legal requirements of the Horizontal Property Act and the statutes.

Health and Safety
  1. Gym and sauna equipment is not to be used by children under 16 years of age unless supervised by a parent or qualified adult.
  2. The outdoor swimming pools are supervised by a lifeguard from 11:00 am to 7:00pm July until September. Use of the pools outside these times is at the sole responsibility of the user.
  3. Manuals for the gym equipment are available please ask at the security desk. A deposit of 25 euros will be required.
  4. Jumping is strictly forbidden from the upper pool to the lower pool. This poses a serious hazard and may result in severe irreversible injuries to both the jumper and third parties.
  5. The front doors of the apartment blocks are a Fire Escape and should not be locked at any time.
  6. The storage of flammable materials or items that represent a fire hazard are not permitted in the garage or storage rooms.
  1. Noise levels must be kept to a level which will not disturb your neighbours especially after midnight. The noise levels should be to a level which will not cause offence to your neighbours who may be sleeping.
  2. It is prohibited to display FOR SALE or RENTAL signs anywhere within the development.
  3. No towels or washing etc; to be hung on balconies or terraces.
  4. Balconies should be cleaned with a mop and bucket, not with a hosepipe as this will effect the apartments below.
  5. The throwing of objects from balconies i.e. cigarettes, canned drinks etc;. is not allowed.
  6. Access to ground floor apartments may be through your neighbour’s garden area, please respect their privacy.
  7. Domestic rubbish should be placed in the dustbins in the basement garages. Please ensure waste, especially food, is wrapped in plastic bags. This will reduce smells and not attract insects or other animals.
  8. Food waste and litter must not be discarded into the gardens or flower beds.

Gardens and Roads
  1. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times within the development. If fouling occurs it must be cleaned up immediately by the owner.
  2. No tree climbing allowed. No walking through the flower beds or any other actions that will damage the landscaped areas.
  3. No paddling or swimming in the fish pond.
  4. Parking is prohibited over disabled ramp access. Parking on the road overnight is also prohibited. Use your garage space or the parking bays that are provided.
  5. No car washing or car maintenance allowed within the development.
  6. A speed limit of 30 kilometres should be observed within the development.
  7. Scooters and bicycles are allowed on the paths within the gardens, but not allowed on the grass, roads or the paved area around the pools.
  8. All children’s toys and towels should be removed from around the pools and gardens at night.
  9. Skateboards are prohibited.
  10. Driving of motor vehicles by anybody who does not posses a valid driving licence is prohibited.
Swimming Pool
  1. No children under the age of 16 years old are allowed in the indoor complex unless supervised by a parent or adult.
  2. Children or non swimmers must be accompanied by an adult in any pool without a lifeguard.
  3. No swimming without appropriate swimwear at any age.
  4. No airbeds, in the pool. This results from a number of child drownings in the Marbella area directly related to airbeds. Also see item 2 Health and Safety
  5. No diving from the top pool into the bottom pool or from any elevated position chairs etc;
  6. Shower before using the pools as this will reduce oil marks and grass accumulating in the pools.
  7. No swimming after 10:30pm
  8. To prevent possible injury it is not allowed to take glasses or bottles into the common areas.
  9. It is permitted to eat, smoke and drink under the wooden pergola. This is the raised area south of the middle pool. Please use tables provided and put any waste in the bins. It is not permitted to eat, smoke and drink in any other common area.
  10. The community has only a certain number of chairs and parasols and these may not be reserved by placing towels on them while they are not being used. They are for use in the common areas and are not to be removed and used on private terraces or patios.
  11. Please do not misuse garden and pool furniture as they are expensive to replace.
  12. When leaving, place sunbeds and parasols on paved area. Put the parasol down and leave the chairs and area tidy for the benefit of the next user. As the pool area is one of the focal points of La Trinidad, it should be kept smart and tidy. Leaving equipment on the grass inhibits watering and erect umbrellas get damaged during a night wind.
  13. During the period from 1st October to the 30th June when the indoor pool is heated please keep all doors, including the sliding windows closed.
  14. Please note the saunas are for adults 16 or over.